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Chicago Sun-Times "If You E-Mail Santa..."

In the never-ending pursuit of truth, justice and the American way, I've been looking at hardware, at software, and at every computer doodad, whatchamacallit, and foobus you could imagine for the last three months, to put together my annual Holiday Techno-Buying Guide.

And this year, I enlisted the aid of my kid-testing panel for the kidware products, so if you don't agree with 10-year-old Matt, 7-year-old Stephie and 5-year-old Jake, you'll have to take that up with them.

...You'll also want to check out software for your daughters that's designed with positive self-image reinforcement in mind.

Two of the best of these titles are the 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon from 3VR ($34.95 for Windows) and Crayola Magic Wardrobe ($29.95 for Mac and Windows).

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