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Color It Enchanting

reprinted from HomePC; Manhasset, NY, October 1997

*Reviewer's Choice

Color Your Friends Clothes

All the wonderful colors and ease of use that made the Crayola 3D Coloring Book one of our Top 100 software programs last year are back in Crayola Magic Wardrobe - and this disc extends the experience with educational themes aimed at enlightening children as well as delighting them.

The Magic Wardrobe is squarely aimed at girls, giving them the ability to create and dress paper dolls in costumes from 12 historical periods. Kids color a doll's hair, eyes and skin, then select a wardrobe. They can color in the costumes at the computer, or print them out and color them with the Crayola Star Brite crayons that come with the CD-ROM.

"Let's do Medieval France," said Alexa, 7.

"No, Ancient Egypt," insisted Bonnie, 9.

The activities teach historical and cultural understanding. Dolls are displayed in rooms of the chosen time, so players can see how the people lived. Children can also click on a newspaper in each room to read about the activities of famous women of the day, or on a diary to see the beginning of an entry from their doll and make their own additions. They can even use the notepad in the program to write letters to friends, then decorate them with fancy borders and clip art and drop them in the mail.

The program is so good, in fact, it only whetted the kids' appetites for more. "They need more clothes, and modern times would be good," said Alexa (the program stops with the hippie garb of the '60's).

"Yeah," said Bonnie. "But I really love the look of Egypt."

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