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reprinted from Computer Times, June 1998

Crayola Magic Princess, from IBM, is the second in a series of a creativity, software program designed for girls that is both educational and fun. Through the ever-popular princess theme and some favorite girls' play activities, such as arts & crafts, dolls, and diaries, Crayola Magic Princess helps build an appreciation and understanding of history.

Magic Princess invites girls to travel back in time to four historical periods, including Ancient Greece, Old Japan, Medival England and the French Empire to explore the lives and times of young princesses. For each period, girls custom color and decorate authentic clothing for their princess doll, using 72 Crayola colors, a variety of drawing tools and 36 fashionable pattern stamps. Girls can also extend the fun beyond the computer by printing out clothing, coloring it by hand and dressing their paper doll. The cardboard paper doll is included in the package. The program also provides girls with educational opportunities to learn more about each time period.

  • Diary: Enables girls to read an excerpt of a girl's diary from a chosen period to learn about what it was like to live during that era. After reading the entry, they can write their own entry about what they have learned.

  • Letters : Encourages girls to color and decorate royal stationary and write a letter home to their friends and family, sharing with them all of their exciting time-traveling adventures.

  • News Profile: Invites girls to learn more about famous and courageous women, such as Sappho, Harriet Tubman, Queen Anjou, Empress Josephine and Lady Muraskaki, who lived in each time period by browsing biographical entries. The program also includes an electronic Parent/ Teacher Guide. This guide is filled with creative project ideas and suggested reading lists.

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