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Color It Fun

reprinted from The Dallas Morning News, July 14, 1997
This little program is the answer to many aspiring young designers' and artists' prayers. Through the magic of the computer, the younger girls can play electronic paper dolls and the older girls can travel back in time to study the history of an ancient Egyptian lass or a Haight-Ashbury hippie.

There are 12 magical drawers that, when clicked, take youngsters to different periods in time. The drawers are filled with period clothing that girls can authentically accessorize from a collection of items. Learn more about the clothing items by clicking on the help guide.

Girls also can have fun coloring their outfits using the 72-color Crayola box. Did people wear fuchsia during Cleopatra's era?

The software comes packed with heavy paper for the dolls, and dolls come in brown and white, another nice touch.

Each time period comes with a selection of activities designed to help girls gain greater knowledge of the historical time. There also is a News Profiles section on famous women from each period.

Except for the fact that parents should brace themselves for the heavy use and the expense of printer refills, Wardrobe should offer its money's worth. There are 144 articles of clothing to play with.

The program is a real jewel and is coming out next month.

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC with CD-ROM drive or Macintosh with CD-ROM drive. Price: about $30. Information:

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