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Crayola Magic Wardrobe

reprinted from Family PC, December 1997
Overall: 88
Fun: 85
Ease of Use: 93
Replay: 86
Entertainment: 89
*Family tested: 88


With Crayola Magic Wardrobe kids can design and color outfits for paper dolls using authentic clothing from 12 historical time periods. At their disposal are 72 Crayola colors, a variety of coloring tools, and 84 pattern stamps. In addition to these creative activities, the CD-ROM contains several educational components, which pleased our 36 testers (actually, they pleased the parents more than the kids).

Your child can, for example, learn more about each historical time period through the Diaries, Letters, and News Profiles sections. (In the Diary section, kids can read an excerpt of a girl's diary to learn more about what it was like to live during a chosen era.) Kids can also learn about famous women in history, such as Harriet Tubman. Testers said they liked the way Crayola Magic Wardrobe extends the fun of one of childhood's most fun, traditional hands-on activities.

Kids Said
"Coloring the clothes from different centuries and putting them on the people is fun."--Tess O'Grady, seven, Goshen, Kentucky

"It's radical. It's fun. You can change the doll's hair and color all you want."--Christe Turner, eight, Lakeside, California

Parents Said
"This software is a good way to show kids how people lived in different eras and countries."--Cliff Simon, Austin, Texas

"I like being able to generate more clothes and dolls instantly, especially since paper can get torn easily."--Kia Freiberger, St. Louis, Missouri

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