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March 1999, "Children's Hour: Software"
I don't mean to stereotype, but this is definitely a program for the fairer sex. If your little girl loves horses and ponies, this will be a definite winner. There are five activities that allow you to decorate and dress your pony, print ribbons, certificates and horse-themed stationary, wash groom and take care of your horse, read and write stories about horses and learn about famous horses.

The big attraction with our young reviewer was creating her own horse - a purple stallion with rainbow hair. Choosing the colors and accessories for the horse was no problem because the directions were easy to follow. The same is true for the section devoted to creating ribbons and certificates for honors such as 'Best Pony.' This is something even a 5-year-old could handle on her own, after an introductory tour with mom or dad.

Overall, however, Print 'N Play Pony is a mixed bag as far as being appropriate for the age it targets. The creative section are well-suited for the age gamut. The sections devoted to reading and writing are too advanced for younger girls. The 'stable section,' where you groom the horse did not hold our junior reviewer's attention for long. But the more advanced reading sections means this program could be something that grows with your child.

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