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The Rise of New Media

reprinted from the New York Times,
Tuesday, May 21, 1996, Section D Page 8
Why have new media companies hatched, clustered and grown in New York? Brian Horey, president of the New Media Association, said that New York has "the deepest and most diverse pool of intellectual capital in the world." Or, as Susan Shaw, president of the year-and-a-half-old Hyperspace Cowgirls interactive media company, explained, "we use a huge range of talent, from performance artists to research scientists. The talent pool here is quite diverse and remarkable."

This company, which produces science-related CD-ROMs for children, is located in Union Square. It will soon employ 17 people. Describing herself as a "die-hard New Yorker," Shaw said, "I love our location. We're definitely staying here."

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