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reprinted from, October 1998

Paint 'n Play Pony will appeal to kids who love horses and animals. Besides the chance to choose, color, feed, decorate, and groom your horse, kids will be treated to tips about how to take care of horses and even historical information about how horses have contributed so much to civilization.

• Color and decorate
• Dress up horses
• Feed, wash and groom
• Print ponies and create crafts
• Read and write stories
• Learn tips about caring for horses
• Learn about horses in history

Technical Aspects:

Installation was automatic and we had no problems with running, printing or other uses of the program. The graphics are bright and use Crayola colors throughout. There are even sound effects, you'll think you're in a real stable! The interface is very integrated into the program and doesn't take over or interfere with play

Report and Conclusions:

My 5 year old, Annie, has used this program extensively and we even used it to decorate her bedroom! She printed out her creations, I put them into plastic sleeve protectors, tied curling ribbons in pink and white, added artificial flowers and got Dad to hang them over her bed. They're very cute, the entire project cost less than $5.00, and she's so impressed. Me too, for that matter.

We've spent hours playing with this title. Annie thinks it's too cool for belief and that everybody should have it. For the content, the price is excellent - and the projects you and your kids will come up with will be limited only by your imaginations.

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