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April 1999, "Paint 'n Play Pony""
Girls and horses in the media go back so far that even the cliche has become cliche.

To an adult, Crayola's Paint 'n Play Pony might seem like a bankable snoozefest. Activities include coloring and decorating a horse; dressing up in funny hats, feeding, washing, and grooming; styling the horse's hair; writing stories; and creating printable crafts. But to a child who loves horses, we're talking kid in a candy shop.

The interface should be easy enough for a five-year-old user to manage without a problem. Penelope Pig, nestled on a picnic blanket and flanked by horses, ponies, and a flying unicorn, introduces you to the activities listed above. You can also jump to a special section on celebrity horses, though younger kids may need to have their parents on hand to read them the text.

I asked a seven-year-old software expert what she thought of Paint 'n Play Pony on a scale of one to ten. She gave it a 105.

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