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reprinted from the Creativity section of, Winter 1997
[On a scale of 5]

Educational Content: 5
Replay: 5
Multimedia: 4
Interactivity: 5
Design: 4

Reviewed by Elizabeth O'Connor

Who ever said dress-up couldn't be educational? The folks who dreamed up this disc didn't just stop at beautiful gowns and nifty accessories; they've made time travel fashionable, too. With the twist of a knob, you are instantly transported to another time and place, into the bedroom of a young girl from whichever period you fancy.

The fearless young females you meet along your journey share their thoughts and dreams through entries in their personal diaries. You can read about their role models--often courageous women from their own times and countries--while exploring the local customs and the importance placed on certain attire.

Your task is to clothe the girl in pieces of historical garb. And what could be more fun than raiding several milleniums worth of closets? With one click, you can mix and match head-dresses fit for Nefertiti; in another spot, play with the hippie-wear that suited Joan Baez.

Users learn about other women, too, like Harriet Tubman, who freed slaves from the South. Thumbing through their "day in the life" accounts, young ones will see that although these girls may dress in foreign clothing, perform different types of chores and live in unique parts of the world, they all share similar hopes and fears.

If all else fails in the lesson department, parents can use this disc to show their little girls just how good they have it. They'll thank their lucky stars they that their feet aren't bound like the women of Imperial China and marvel at the thought that they still have their choice of husband unlike the fair maidens of Medieval France. The '90s never looked so good.

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