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Crayola Magic Wardrobe: Time Travel With Paper Dolls

reprinted from NewsweekExtra: Kids and Computers -- Top 50 CD-ROMs, Winter 1997
Ages 6 to 12
Phone: 800-426-7235
Platforms:Windows 3.1 or higher and Macintosh; $29.95

What could be more fun than combing through several millenniums' worth of closets? The folks who designed this disc didn't stop at beautiful gowns and nifty accessories; they've made time travel fashionable, too. With the twist of a knob, kids are transported to other times and places, into the bedrooms of young girls from various historical periods. They can mix and match headdresses fit for Nefertiti; in another spot, play with the hippie wear that suited Joan Baez. Kids read about role models--courageous women from different countries and epochs--while exploring local customs and the importance placed on certain attire. Who ever said dress-up couldn't be educational?

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