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Paint 'n Play Pony

reprinted from, July 1998

Paint 'n Play Pony Rating
(1=lowest, 5=highest): 4.1
Publisher: IBM Corp.
Ages: 5-10
Grade: K,1,2,3
Teaches: creativity

Kids loved to color, dress and decorate their horses with the early version of Paint 'n Play Pony, as well as cut, style, and accessorize their manes and tails. While they also appreciated the printable horse-themed stationary, and the ability to take care of an on-screen pony, they wished that they were taking care of the pony they created. The stories (30 in all) and scrap book about horses were great but only older children could take advantage of these as the stories were not read aloud. Young horse lovers shouldn't pass this one by, however, as the price is right ($19.95).

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