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Crayola Magic Princess

reprinted from Children's Software Revue, May/June 1998

For Ages 6-12

For Grades 1,2,3,4,5

Teaches: creativity, history

Although we usually caution people that "you get what you pay for," this ten dollar program is a worthwhile purchase. Based on the previously released Crayola Magic Wardrobe, Magic Princess follows the same format, and can be used as an add-on or stand alone product. Play begins as users customize an on-screen paper doll, choosing hair, eye, and skin color. Next, they choose from four time periods in a magic bureau: Ancient Greece, Old Japan, Medival England or French Empire. In each era, children can learn about the costumes and clothing of the times as they design outfits for on and off-screen dolls. They can make stationary, read and write in a diary, and read a newspaper story about a famous woman of the time. You're really getting a lot for your money here, and the program comes with a lengthy list of suggestions for away-from the computer activities, plus a related reading list.

Our testers enjoyed the program amd liked being able to print out more dolls as well as all their clothing creations. They did find the on-screen coloring to be somewhat tempermental-some of the decorations are so small that it was difficult to manuever the paint fill into just the right spot. Another problem - our younger testers needed help reading the diary and news stories-it would have been much nicer to have these read aloud. All in all, though, there's fun and learning to be had in this program, and the price is definitely right!

Rating Details
Ease of Use 3.9 Childproof 4.7
Educational 3.3 Entertaining 4.1
Design Features 3.9 Good Value 4.5

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